Your API use case


We’re spending some time thinking about the next set of enhancements to our APIs. We have received some clear feedback on some specific points, like pagination or naming consistency, which we will aim to address. This is also an opportunity to put our offering under a microscope and answer the question, “What does a more valuable API look like?”

To think broadly about features that would be useful to our customers, and prioritise those ideas in comparison to one another, we need to understand a few key things:

  • What are the most important questions you answer using content and social data?
  • How do you answer those questions today? Do you use NewsWhip for any part of that?
  • What friction do you experience when working on these problems?
  • What data do you need to answer the question? Can you get that from NewsWhip today?

We’re interested in your perspective if you use NewsWhip APIs or APIs provided by other content/social media services.