Monitoring owned and earned content performance


What is it?

Lots of people use our APIs to keep an eye on how different types of web content perform. In some cases this may be owned content (eg. something you published), paid content (eg. something you placed in a specific publication), or earned content (eg. something someone wrote about you without your involvement).

At the moment, we’re looking at ways to make our APIs more relevant for this specific use case.

What help do we need?

To help us build tools to make your life easier, we need to understand your workflow and data needs in more detail. Specifically:

  • What are the important signals or pieces of data you look for when checking the performance of content?
  • How frequently do you check on how a piece of content is performing?
  • Do you check long lists of specific URLs or do you do something more specific?
  • How important is monitoring the performance of the people and publications who write about or share your content?
  • How important is understanding the impact of a press release or specific marketing copy?
  • What tools do you use to share information about content performance within your company?

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