Google Sheets add-on


We’re currently working on an add-on for Google Sheets to enable people to gather and get information about content without having to log in to Spike to do it. We have a working prototype that we’re using internally at the moment.

We need help to understand a few things in more detail before we’re ready to release this for everyone to use:

  • A better understanding of the workflows of people who may use an integration like this. Where do you see this fitting into your day to day work? What would the most important features be, and why?
  • A better understanding of the kinds of goals people using Google Sheets have when using data like ours. What is the main purpose of your spreadsheet? When you’re finished, what does the data/content help you achieve?

When you reply to this thread please try to focus on those questions, as they’re the most valuable to us at the moment. The better understanding we have, the quicker we’ll be able to bring this to everyone to use.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!