API to pull articles of a domain



A quick question. Is there a way to pull in the articles published by a specific domain ?
For example, we want to gather the articles from xyzblogabc.com, published for the past 1 year.
Is there a way to implement this in API calls ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Kiriti,
Yes you can do that. Using the articles endpoint you can pass a domain as a filter.
“filters”: [“domain:foxnews.com”],
The max search range we allow is 6 months but you can make multiple searches. We recommend making 12 one months queries to get all the results for each of the previous 12 months.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions please ask.




Hey @kiriti! In addition to what @paddy.doyle said there, you may find this section of our docs useful. After the table you’ll see definitions of how we derive publisher, domain, and domains values. That understanding will make it easier to choose the appropriate filter and also make it easier to answer any questions if they come up.